Fox Station Wishes Dead Boxer Joe Frazier Happy Birthday, Says He'll Be At City Hall

Smokin' Joe still packs a wallop in this crazy news blooper.

Boxing loves a comeback story but this is ridiculous.

A Fox affiliate newscast in Philadelphia Wednesday wished deceased heavyweight champ Joe Frazier a happy 73rd birthday and reported that he would appear at City Hall for a youth boxing event.

And that’s not even the whole screwup. Frazier, who died Nov. 7, 2011 and has a statue erected in his honor in Philly, was actually born on Jan. 12, 1944, not the 11th.

“He really is a legend,” “Good Day Philadelphia” co-anchor Thomas Drayton of Fox 29 gushed. “Such a force.”

If Smokin’ Joe, perhaps best known for his fights against Muhammad Ali, showed up at City Hall, we say book him for a fight immediately.

A Fox 29 spokesperson told Philadelphia Magazine that “Good Day Philadelphia” corrected the report later in the newscast.

Good thing the station was able to avoid Frazier’s left hook.