TV Tropes Of 2012: Guest-Casting TV Reunions, Incest, Singing Competition Judge Drama, Archery And More

Tropes tend to spread quickly on TV. The networks are all hungry for ratings, watching each other like hawks to see what's working best for their competition. Because of this, certain plot devices, show constructs and character quirks can become ubiquitous cliches pretty fast.

Looking back on the year in TV tropes brings a few trends into focus. The networks got way too invested in their singing competition judges. Stunt-guest casting to create faux-TV reunions ran amok. The bow and arrow combined with poison to bring TV weaponry back to the 19th century. Women started proposing to men, and step-sibling incest became a thing.

Check out the slideshow below to check out the 9 biggest TV tropes of 2012.

TV Tropes of 2012

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