World's Clumsiest Customer Accidentally Wrecks $6,000 Worth Of TVs


It took a hapless customer just three seconds to damage more than $6,000 worth of TVs, according to reports.

A surveillance camera captured the unidentified man appearing to accidentally topple over four television sets at the HBH Woolacotts electronics store in St Austell, southwest England, on Sept. 29.

He knocked over one of the TVs while crouching down to inspect it. The tumbling screen struck a second set, which also fell to the ground.

Then, just as it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, the stunned man stood up — and accidentally knocked over two more sets that were behind him.

He could only place his hands on his head as a store employee came over to assess the damage.

Staff were devastated when it happened,” the store’s assistant manager Mike Collins told the local newspaper, The West Briton. “My manager just said ‘you will never guess what has happened’. I was very shocked.”

It’s not clear whether the customer paid for the damage caused to the sets. A store representative told the North Devon Journal that the TVs have now been sent off for repair.

The electronics store posted the footage to its YouTube channel on Thursday, and the incident has attracted international media coverage. Some viewers, however, have suggested that it was staged for publicity:

The Huffington Post has reached out to the store for further comment.

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