TV Viewers Help N.C. Family Stay In Home For Holidays

On Friday, North Carolina's WWAY featured a story about Terry Jorden and his wife, who were both laid off two years ago and lost their home. They moved to Carolina Beach, N.C., so that his wife could start working for ten dollars an hour. Terry still could not find work, though, and his employment benefits expired months ago.

The family sold all their valuables. "My wife has even had to pawn her wedding rings."

But they still can't make ends meet. "Me and my wife has gone as much as eating toast for three days... it's hard to look at your children and tell them that there's just not enough to eat."

Now Jorden is worried his family could be homeless before the holidays. "We're already behind two months on rent. It will be three months at the first of the month... their Christmas will maybe be a McDonald's burger, if we can afford that."

Over the weekend, WWAY viewers called the station by the dozens to offer to help in any way they could. The station connected callers with the family. "People actually called to catch us up on our rent. They've helped us with our truck payments. They've brought us food," said Jorden.

Jorden says he's thankful for all the support, but never expected the response. "I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that it was taking North Carolina so long to get out the benefits that are so desperately needed right now, especially through the holidays and with it getting cold."

Everyone who lent a hand said they didn't want anything in return; they were just happy to help.

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