TVF has proved again that web series is the future of Television

The two episodes of Tripling are aired and there is everything special about it.

After the huge success of The Pitchers and Permanent Roommates, TVF has recently launched a web series ‘Tripling’ and it is going viral. Arunabh Kumar’s directed Tripling has broadcasted two episodes and viewers are excited about the upcoming episodes. Tripling is starring the popular Sumit Vyas (Chandan), talented Amol Parashar (Chitvan), and dazzling Maanvi Gagroo (Chanchal). The theme of the series is very simple. Tripling is all about the brother-sister bonding but here the triplets are not completely familiar with each other as they have lived their life separately. The three ‘Siblings’ are getting back together after a long time and this time it is a thrilling ‘Trip’. The title vindicates every form of the story plot.

As narrated by the director, he wanted to show the attachment of siblinghood in the most adventurous and exhilarating way. The reel life characters justify their part to the fullest. Though there are many other entertainers in this web series, the siblings are the center of attraction. The hugely-anticipated ‘Unplanned Road Trip’ tale of the three distant siblings is enticing and enthralling. The captivating direction of and spellbound cinematography has kept the momentum high for the next unlooked-for moments in the forthcoming episodes.

The trailer already hinted some approximation of how the trip will commence. Chandan is divorced, jobless and homeless; Chitvan is a wanderer and chilled out dude; and Chanchal is bewildered about her situation of marrying into a royal family.

‘Toh Chalein..?’-The First episode is an unknown and abrupt planning of an audacious journey when the three come together. From the many candid moments, one of it is the first encounter of Chitvan with Chandan. It is hilarious as the DJ Chitvan had no idea about the arrival of his divorced brother. The 3Cs are charming, compelling and classy in their own way. This web series is peculiar and extra ordinary as we have been watching the merriment of 4 guys, sometimes 2 broke girls, and more often a puerile love story. But, this is different; it has all sorts of playfulness and magnetic effect the above list would not comprise.

This no-nonsense series delves about the tenderness of the siblings’ life when they slowly socialize with each other. The series is worth watching since it stimulates a time travel to the ‘Missed’ howling moments with our sib.

The second episode ‘Ab Kidhar..?’ demonstrates the confusion among the trio on where are they heading and where will they head. Everybody is perplexed about Chanchal’s fake pregnancy; Chitvan is bankrupt and Chandan is divorced. The homogeneous mixture of contemplation and crisis exhibits the gratifying juice and make us fall in the breeze of the ‘Unknown Road Traveled’.

Again, 3-claps to the whole crew of TVF and Tripling who again placed the viewers on sofa with the popcorn until the episode is over. Well, you can’t forget the awesome actors as they are the ones who make it realistic. bet TVF has changed the scenario of the web series and propled a revolution in the media. Fans as well as I are eagerly waiting for the 3rd episode ‘To Travel the Untraveled’

The third episode was aired yesterday and people are loving that too.

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