'Twas the Night Before Voting

'Twas the night before voting and in the White House/Our president is silent, as quiet as a mouse./The voters are waiting to show that they care/They want to forget that George Bush is still there.
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'Twas the night before voting and in the White House
Our president is silent, as quiet as a mouse.
The voters are waiting to show that they care,
They want to forget that George Bush is still there.
America's children are tucked in their beds
With innocent dreams tucked into their heads.
Their parents are ready, from Hawaii to Maine
To choose the next president -- not John McCain.
The airwaves and internet are all filled with chatter
That within a few hours will soon cease to matter.

It's been like forever, this political season,
And it seemed like some people were missing all reason.
From up near the North Pole, but not in a sleigh,
Came not old Saint Nick, and not Tina Fey.
She was dressed all designer from her glasses to her toes
A pit bull in lipstick and Neiman Marcus clothes.
The convention is dazzled; McCain thinks he's winning
Then she opens her mouth and the stories start spinning.
Banning books, rearing heads, and of course shooting moose,
Pick first and vet later -- McCain saw what he let loose.
A memorized script she could learn front to back
Most Americans saw through her nasty attack.

They considered McCain, who's as old as Saint Nick--
And decided they really don't want a maverick.
Wall Street collapsed, an economic disaster,
And the reaction of McCain made him lose votes much faster.
Republicans flee from their ship as it sinks,
While Caribou Barbie still stands there and winks.

Then what to our desperate eyes should appear
But the leader we need and his moment is here.
More rapid than eagles his supporters they came
They all came to join him and call out his name.
With a heart that is caring, a brain that is quick
It could not be more clear, he's the one we should pick.
The look in his eyes, the ideas in his head
All gave us to know we have nothing to dread.
He came up from the grassroots, an American story
Who is now on his way to the White House in glory.
There is something inside this extraordinary man
Who leads and inspires and says, Yes We Can.
So let's go to the polls, and this time we'll choose right--
Happy Voting to all -- President Obama tonight!!

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