Tweeting Bra Reminds Us It's Time For Monthly Breast Self-Exam (VIDEO)

It had to happen: a Tweeting bra. But it's happening for a good cause.

Every time Greek TV host Maria Bacodimou unhooks her specially wired brassiere, it sends out a Tweet reminding followers to conduct their monthly breast self-exam.

She writes cute notes like: "Some don’t understand me cause I speak Greek. Instead of learning Greek, learn something easier: how to have a self-exam!"

It's a campaign from Nestle Fitness for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Perhaps while you try to think of a practical everyday application for a tweeting bra (go ahead, we're waiting), at least you can admire the communication chain of events when Ms. Bacodimou unclasps: The mechanism hidden under the hook transmits a signal to a cell phone, which then notifies a server, which then generates a Tweet.

Maybe we'll see a Tweeting bra in the next James Bond movie.

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