David Bowen Gives Houseflies An Internet Persona With "Fly Tweet" Installation (VIDEO)

If you thought Raymond Pettibon's tweets were weird and hard to parse, wait until you read @Flycolony's inscrutable stream.

The uncanny feed is part of an art installation by David Bowen, who has created a nifty "Fly Tweet" device for a colony of houseflies to better express themselves online. The American artist has also created kinetic inventions including a wind drawing device and a fly blimp.

"Fly Tweet" consists of a transparent sphere, inside which flies hover around a keyboard and occasionally bump into characters. After 140 of these bumps, a tweet is released in real time. So, what clever quips do flies have to share about their daily lives? One recent tweet reads:

@Flycolony already has well over 3,500 Twitter followers. Kim Kardashian better watch her back!

Check out our favorite art-savvy, albeit human, Twitter accounts in the slideshow below: