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10 Times The Internet Threw A Fit About Getting A Cold

"Not sure if it's cold or flu or I'm dying."

Can we all just collectively agree that getting a cold is the absolute worst thing about the cooler seasons?

Research shows that months with plunging temperatures are when people are more likely to get sick, thanks to weaker immune defenses. Cold weather also forces people indoors more often where it’s easier to be trapped with viruses. Germs may also thrive in general during the winter. Translation: That illness is pretty much inevitable at some point.

In honor of the impeding cold season, we rounded up some of the most accurate ― albeit dramatic ― posts about the trauma of getting sick. If anything, they unite humanity around our hate for the sniffles.

Check them out below (and then run out and get those flu shots):









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The good news is that there are ways to mitigate the struggle of having a cold. Getting proper sleep helps reduce the risk of getting sick, as well as staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet. Check out these other ways to ease a cold. Here’s to a healthier fall and winter.

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