13 Tweets That Capture The Horror Of Getting A Bikini Wax

"I need a bikini wax but I feel like I should wait for my epidural because THAT IS GENIUS???"

Bikini waxes are downright painful.

And it’s understandable, considering that hair is literally being ripped from your most intimate, delicate skin. And if you’re one of the brave souls who does your own bikini wax, you know the anxiety that comes with the fear of pulling off the strips incorrectly. Yow.

Love them or hate them, waxes can lead to some pretty uncomfortable moments for both the waxer and the waxee. Let’s start with the waxers.

Kristen Whiting, owner of Silk Body Waxing Studio in Philadelphia, recalled a few uncomfortable moments she has experienced at work.

“I’ve been kneed in the boob before and farted in my face,” she said. “Yeah, that was nasty.”

Jenne’ Doyle, esthetician and co-founder of Philadelphia’s Heads & Tails beauty boutique, shared one particularly funny story with HuffPost. It involved a strip of hair-covered wax flying through the air during an appointment with a first-time client. Doyle’s salon uses essential oils to treat the skin, which contributed to this incident:

“So I pull and all of a sudden my whole life turns into slow motion as I watch the strip sail through the air and land directly on her face. I was like, ‘Oh my goodness!’ Thankfully, she was very understanding of the fact that these things happen. ... This is going to wake me up at 3 o’clock in the morning. I know I’m going to see this replay in my head again and again. It was hard wax, just to be fair. It wasn’t sticky, but still, the point is, your pubes just landed on your face and that’s usually not OK.”

It could be argued that the waxees have a far more uncomfortable experience than the waxers, which Twitter users have so hilariously pointed out. Social media maven Chrissy Teigen even once pondered whether she could receive a bikini wax after an epidural. That’s how painful those things can be.

Here are some of the funniest thoughts about the pain and horror involved with bikini waxes:

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