20 Tweets That Capture The Horrors Of Trying On Clothes In Fitting Rooms

"I went to the mall to try on clothes, I left with nothing to wear and wishing I had never been born."

Trying on clothes is hands down the worst part about shopping.

Ftting rooms find a way to suck all the pleasure out of your love of clothes, trashing your confidence in the process. There’s nothing like some bad (not to mention inconsistent) lighting or a distorted mirror to put a damper on your mood.

Even if the outfit does fit, that harsh lighting is doing everything it can to highlight any and all insecurities you might have ― or at least make you think the dress you tried on is blue when it’s actually green.

Despite all the online shopping and at-home try-on sessions we’re doing these days, fitting rooms remain a major component of shopping. It seems like some retailers are trying to improve them. But until they come up with some universally flattering fitting room lighting and mirrors that don’t alter our appearance, we think it’s safe to say they’re terrible.

These folks on Twitter would agree:

On The Runway:

Gingham for 2018