Report: It Takes 10 Years To Read 24 Hours Worth Of Tweets

Twitter, recently valued by J.P. Morgan at $4 billion, sees a lot of activity.

Last year the social media company reported that it receives almost 50 million tweets per day. At maximum capacity Twitter could be hosting 1.15 billion words per day.

That's a lot of words.

The immense volume seems to simply be too much for anyone to consume. It would take one person about 10 years to read every tweet on Twitter in a single day, according to Death and Taxes.

Stephen Blackwell, of Death and Taxes, came up with the figure after timing 100 tweet reads, averaging 6.6 seconds per read. Blackwell multiplied that number by the number of tweets per day, and found that it would take a decade to read one day's worth of Tweets.

But that's probably nothing compared to how long it would take to read every Facebook post.

A year ago, before Facebook hit the 500 million user mark, Mark Zuckerberg's site was seeing 700 status updates per second, as compared with Twitter's 600, according to Search Engine Land. According to those figures, it would take almost 11.67 years to just read every status update on Facebook.

That doesn't even include a large amount of content, including posts on other people's walls. Almost 1 billion pieces of new content are created on Facebook per day, according to Facebook's own statistics.

How long do you think it would take to read everything on Facebook?