12 Law Schools Recruiters Love

12 Law Schools Recruiters Love

Although Yale may be U.S. News and World Report's best law school, hiring firms themselves prefer Harvard.

According to a survey of 105 of the country's best law firms conducted by U.S. News, Harvard University produces the most sought-after law students.

Recruiting officials were asked to rank schools on a five-point scale, where a school rated "1" was considered marginal and one rated "5" regarded as outstanding. Harvard received an average overall rating of 4.9.

While U.S. News traditionally considers a number of measures in composing their annual rankings, this list is based entirely on recruiters' opinions of top schools. This means that some schools -- like Yale -- dropped, while others -- like Michigan and Cornell -- fared better than they would in the traditional U.S. News rankings.

Below, see the 12 schools that received a 4.5 or above rating by law firm hiring partners, and check out U.S. News for a full list.

Does this ranking system change your opinion of these law schools? Let us know in the comments section.

Harvard University: 4.9

Twelve Best Law Schools: Recruiters' Pick

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