Twelve Reasons Why Losing Weight & Growing A Business Are The Exact Same Challenges

I've lost about 20lbs this year, and I've also made some massive strides forward with my business, helping female entrepreneurs to make more money from doing the work they love, on their own terms. And what I've really learned is that losing weight and building a business are pretty much the EXACT same challenges.

Here's why:

- Your RESULTS come from what you do, day in, day out. You can't expect to eat a salad once a week and look like a supermodel. Equally, you can't reach out to your community once in a blue moon and have them care about what you're saying. Consistency is what will get you to where you want to be. It's not sexy, or exciting, or what people want to hear. But it's the truth 

- You'll have days when you can't be bothered to exercise. You'll have days when you're not feeling massively inspired to create content. You're human, not a machine. You have to put those days behind you and get right back on the horse

- There'll always be someone who wants to sell you a quick fix, a magic bullet, a secret formula, something that requires not doing the WORK. You're kidding yourself if you buy into these things, and you're going to end up back at square one, wondering where it all went wrong. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is

- It's easy to eat rubbish and not exercise. It's easy to stay in your comfort zone in your business and let the days pass you by. Do you really want the result, or not?

- DO YOU REALLY WANT THE RESULT, OR NOT? This is what determines your success, or otherwise

- You can still eat crisps and drink wine. You can still binge-watch Netflix and mentally switch off. Just not ALL of the time. Balance is underrated, but it's what will keep you working towards your goals

- You can overcomplicate things, overwhelm yourself, and make zero progress. Or you can learn as you go, be willing to make mistakes, and continue to develop, one day at a time

- You can talk the talk all day long. But your results show. In the mirror, and in your bank account

- There'll always be someone who doesn't GET it. Someone who'll tell you that you're wasting your time, that you're asking for too much, that you should just settle for mediocre. Invariably, these people are out of shape, broke, and miserable. The people closest to you might genuinely want you to be successful - but often, they don't want you to be as successful as they are

- Your goals should be YOUR goals. Being lean, being muscular, building a 6-figure empire, isn't for everyone. Shoot for things that don't actually mean anything to YOU, and you'll never achieve them, but you'll definitely make yourself feel pretty miserable along the way

- You can massively restrict your diet and deprive yourself of any enjoyment. You can work 20 hours a day, every day, on your business. Neither are sustainable, and both will burn you into the ground

- Putting some skin in the game will keep you accountable and keep you making progress. I wouldn't even consider being without my business coach, or my fitness and nutrition coach. Neither are cheap, but they're worth it. INVEST in yourself, if you're serious about results

My approach to weight loss: Flexible dieting, and lifting heavy stuff.

My approach to business: Doing the work.

Ruth x


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