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Twerk Pudding: Japanese Butt-Shaped Candy Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

Great news, everyone: this is 100 percent real.

The Japanese are the undisputed weird candy champions of the world. Their DIY candy kits range from the utterly horrifying toilet candy to the morbidly fascinating instant noodle candy, they never cease to stun, revolt and amaze us. However, our most recent Japanese candy discovery is absolutely the best one we've ever seen. Dear readers, we give you butt pudding.

The most ingenious thing about butt pudding is, of course, that it jiggles. And YouTube user bonobos25 took this incredible treat a few steps further and created twerk pudding. That's right, this butt pudding twerks. This dessert is twerking. You really did it, internet. You made twerk pudding. Thank you so much. We'll never forget it.

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