TWICEYOUNG Show How Nashville Is So Much More Than Country

Nashville may be known for its abundance of top quality country music, but many people don't realize that over the past several years, other musicians have made it their home, and they are changing the city for the better. While it will likely always be the biggest city in the world for twangy guitars and big stars in the country world, you can now hear every genre of music there, and some of it is spreading like wildfire.


TWICEYOUNG is the perfect example of a group based in Nashville, but who couldn't be further from country. The trio perfectly blends electronica and pop hooks to create something incredibly fun and almost too cool. If it weren't for the group's smooth vocals, their music would fit perfectly in with some of the best ambient music out today.

The band just released their sophomore EP, which both cemented their sound and style, while showing how much they'd grown in a short period of time. From the brooding and slightly fuzzy "Uncover" to the potential pop hit "Separate You" to the undeniable gorgeousness of the closer "Stay The Same," the Prefer You EP feels like the start of something more for the group. Maybe this time next year we'll all know their name, and their sound.