Twilight Movies: Top 10 Reasons Grown Women Love It

I went to a university and received a fantastic education. I read the New York Times. I'm a Latin teacher. I'm currently reading "The Aeneid" for fun. BUT... you should know ... I. LOVE.

I'm definitely Team Edward. I think Bella is a little pathetic and repetitive ... and to be honest, the writing is sometimes so atrocious that I spend more time thinking about how I would have edited each chapter than actually enjoying the mind candy ... but they are each still a delightful piece of fluff, even for an occasionally snobby academic like myself. I've read each book, especially the kiss scenes (insert "tee hee" from under the covers), probably four times.

Even grown, intelligent, cultured women can enjoy and be passionate about a series of books written for teenage girls -- and here is why:

Top Five Reasons Women Love Twilight

Viva la romance.