'Twilight' Mistakes: Everything Wrong With The 'Twilight' Movie In 6 Minutes (VIDEO)

Everything Wrong With 'Twilight'

While the "Twilight" franchise is officially finished, the movies' mistakes live on forever.

Cinema Sins took on the original 2008 "Twilight," and counted the number of mistakes and sins in the film. From "This guy is wearing a vest when he rips on Bella's ride but then it's gone in the next shot," to "Edward moves sixty feet in half a second and no one questions it but Bella," a total of 71 sins are counted before the video launches into a one minute "Breathing, Laughing, Other Bella Noises Bonus Round," which contains exactly that -- take a look in the video above.

The most recent "Twilight" film, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," recently took home seven Razzie Awards, which highlight the worst of the year in acting and filmmaking.

Earlier this year, MovieMistakes.com released its list of the 2012 movies with the most mistakes. "Men in Black III" led the list with 63 mistakes, but the latest James Bond film, "Skyfall" fell close behind, taking the No. 2 spot with 35 mistakes.


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