All The Creepy Laughs From 'The Twilight Zone' Because Evil Is Sometimes Hilarious

It's The 'Twilight Zone' Creepy Laugh Supercut You Never Asked For

Sometimes evil, sometimes delirious, but always creepy. No one laughed at people quite like "The Twilight Zone."

This month is the 55th anniversary of "The Twilight Zone," and with Halloween upon us, what better way to celebrate than with one of those super creepy laughs from the series. Or all of them. In one glorious mashup.

Check out the supercut above and just remember that no one is laughing with you... in "The Twilight Zone."

BONUS: Here's every Rod Serling opening and closing Twilight Zone monologue made into a word cloud in the shape of Rod Serling.

twilight zone rod serling word cloud

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