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Twin Artists Create '3D Drawing Machine' (VIDEO)

As twin artists, Ryan and Trevor Oakes are familiar with taking a singular experience and realizing it can be split it in two. Their lives have always been doubled over; but, with their 3D Drawing Machine, the Oakes twins tell us: so have yours. Although we look out into the world and see an 'unbroken view of space,' we are really seeing a double image because of our two eyes. The brain then interprets these two images together, and thus 3D perspective as we know it is born.

The Oakes twins have created a machine that separates the images projected from each eye so the user can scan the world with one eye and draw it with the other, as if tracing onto reality. The results are remarkably realistic drawings which seem to appear effortlessly. The twins' exploration of perspective makes strides in twin fields science and art, and although the works the 3D Drawing Machine facilitates are remarkable feats of realism, the true artistic endeavor are not the products but the vehicle itself.

Watch the clip to see the twins explain their brainchild.

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