Twin Strangers: These Women Are Not Related, But They Look Almost Exactly Alike

These Women Are Not Related, But They Look Almost Exactly Alike

Imagine meeting the "twin" you never had, then learning that she lives an hour away!

That's what happened to Niamh Geaney from Dublin, Ireland. But in all fairness, she didn't just stumble upon her doppelganger.

In March, Geaney and her two friends, Terence Manzanga and Harry English, put a call out on the Internet to find their "lookalike from anywhere in the world." They called the contest Twin Strangers. They got some positive responses, but none so amazing as Geaney's.

Geaney, 26, never anticipated that her "twin" would live so close by. Karen Branigan, 29, is Geaney's spitting image, and she lives in Drogheda, an hour's drive north. The two met last weekend at Geaney's home in Dublin, and filmed the results.

"She probably looks closer [to me] than some of my sisters," Geaney said in the video, above.

"For the entire duration of our encounter, I pretty much stared at her,” Geaney said, according to ABC News. “I couldn’t get over her face and some of the expressions she would pull. I would think to myself or aloud, ‘Oh my God, that’s my face.’ I can’t remember the number of times I said, ‘This is so freaky.’ It was truly amazing.”

Although it would have been easy to mistake one from the other when they first met, the women decided to take it a step further by wearing matching outfits and make-up. The results are shocking.

Think that feeling is unique? Think again! Montreal-based photographer Francois Brunelle has spent more than 12 years scouring the globe for unrelated people who look like each other, and taking their portraits in black-and-white.

Earlier this month, a pair of unrelated Englishmen who look so much alike that their friends couldn't tell them apart crossed paths by chance in London. It turns out they both live in the same town.

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