The Brief, Wondrous Movie Career Of The World Trade Center

Last week we ran an Associated Press essay about filmmakers shooting at the time of 9/11, in which film critic Christy Lemire described the trickiness of working around the attacks:

There was, of course, the broader question: When is it appropriate to enjoy ourselves again? But studios debated how to be respectful in releasing films that featured images of those iconic, fallen buildings. They wanted to strike the right tone, but there didn't seem to be a right answer.

Some excised shots of the towers before releasing their movie to audiences. Others, like Spike Lee, honored the towers by zooming in on the hole in the sky. No one, however, was spared from making a decision.

Today's supercut is about the filmmakers working before all that, when the twin towers were a silent, inevitable presence in practically every Manhattan movie there ever was. Ten years on, it's an eerie sight.


(Dan Meth via The Daily What)

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