Twinkies eBay: Hostess Treats On Sale For $200,000 Amid Twinkie-pocalypse Fears

Twinkies On Sale For $200,000

After Hostess Brands announced it's going out of business following a labor dispute, panicked consumers have rushed to stores to stock up on their favorite heart-clogging treats:

While it will be possible to buy Hostess treats from stores for "a few more days" until already baked products run out, the inevitable -- and wildly inflated -- "black market" of Hostess products has already reared its costly head on the Interwebs in preparation for the impending Twinkie-pocalypse.

One eBay seller is auctioning off a full box of Twinkies at a starting (and staggering) price of $200,000 (shipping included):

twinkies ebay

As Mashable notes, there's also an individual Twinkie that is up for sale for $5,000.

"This is your opportunity to own a piece of history, a delicious piece at that," wrote the seller, who apparently lives in Raleigh, N.C., in the auction description.

The eBay user added that the Twinkie will be "protectively packaged and shipped to the winning bidder."

Elsewhere on eBay, three boxes of Hostess Chocodiles are on sale for a more reasonable price of $89.95 and a box of Ding Dongs is being offered for $19.95.

But before you whip out your checkbook, remember that Twinkies and other Hostess treats may still have a chance at survival.

As The Huffington Post notes, Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn has said that "he plans to try to seek a buyer for Hostess's brands, including Twinkies."

"I'm certainly hopeful that we can sell the brands and the brands will live on. They're iconic," he said on CNBC. Hostess Brands the company, however, is has met its final end.

"It's over. This is it," Rayburn said.

Check out some of the most expensive memorabilia we found on eBay:

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