Twins Come Out To Their Parents And Catch It All On Camera

WATCH: Twins Both Come Out To Their Parents And Catch It All On Camera

Rarely do coming out stories involve twins making the big announcement together.

Luke and Adam Monastero, 21-year-old fraternal twins from Canada, have known they were gay for years but didn't tell each other until recently. After coming out to each other and most of their friends, they decided it was time to tell their parents -- and they secretly recorded the whole thing on camera.

At the end of the video, both twins seem elated by the weight lifted off their shoulders. "We're officially out of the closet! I'm a free man! I feel alive!" they tell the camera.

"I feel like my parents' reactions were completely better than any of us thought they were going to be, and hopefully this will show you guys that people don't really care and your parents will love you no matter what," Luke says.

"That's kind of why we're making these videos -- to just show people that are gay in the closet you know you can just be who you are and not to be afraid," Adam adds.

Well done, guys.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the twins knew they were gay since age 4. Adam says he knew he was gay since about fourth grade.

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