Twins Photos: Cheyne Gallarde Dresses Up Exactly Like His Fans For 'Twinsies' Series (PHOTOS)

One Artist'sUnusual Tribute To His Fans

Some artists express gratitude to the adoring public by returning a fan letter. Photographer Cheyne Gallarde goes a whole lot further. The creative chameleon, who refers to his craft as "character art," dresses up and poses exactly like his fans, documenting the process online.

For his ongoing project, entitled "Twinsies," Gallarde enlists fans to send in photographs they wished to be mimicked. Not surprisingly, he cites Cindy Sherman as a key influence. Eventually the Hawaiian artist will compile his multiple personalities into a photo book to be named "Universe of One."

Take a look at Gallarde in his many guises in the slideshow below, and scroll down to see other artists inspired by the inimitable imitator Cindy Sherman.


Cheyne Gallarde


Artists Influenced By Cindy Sherman

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