Identical Twin Brothers Charged With Rape As DNA Evidence Can't Tell Pair Apart

DNA evidence normally points to one suspect in a crime -- but what happens when two people share that same DNA?

That's the case with identical twin brothers in England, Mohammed and Aftab Asghar, 22, who both face charges for raping a teenage girl.

The charges are based on DNA evidence -- which authorities believe came from at least one of the brothers -- found at the scene of the crime, The Telegraph reported.

The alleged crime occurred on November 5, 2011. The 17-year-old girl reported being attacked by a group of men in a park, according to British newspaper The Times.

"It is an unusual case,” prosecutor Sandra Beck said during the twins' court appearance, according to Mirror News. “They are identical twins.... There is further work due and there is an indication which would tend to support that one was not at the location."

If there isn't enough evidence to implicate either brother, the charges may have to be dropped.

This isn't the first instance in which identical twins stumped detectives in a rape case. Earlier this year, twins in Marseilles, France were both suspects in a similar case.



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