'Twins' Sequel: 'Triplets' Could Star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito And Eddie Murphy

Yep, Eddie Murphy Is Attached To Star In 'Triplets,' A Sequel To 'Twins'

"Twins" sequel: two words you probably never thought you'd read this side of April Fools' Day. Yet there you are.

According to THR, not only is a "Twins" sequel in development with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito attached to star again, but Eddie Murphy could join them too. Get ready for "Triplets," y'all!

Little is known about the potential sequel beyond the fact that Schwarzenegger and DeVito would return as mismatched twin brothers, Julius and Vincent. Murphy would star as the twins' third brother.

The original comedy was released on Dec. 9, 1988, and grossed over $216 million worldwide on a scant $15 million budget. "Twins" might be best remembered for providing Schwarzenegger the opportunity to reach a wider audience; up until then, the burly star had exclusively appeared in action films. Following the success of "Twins," however, Schwarzenegger would star in other comedies like "Kindergarten Cop," "Junior" (which reunited him with DeVito) and "Jingle All the Way."

For Murphy, "Triplets" could provide the much-maligned former icon the chance to regain some popularity. Murphy hasn't seen one of his non-animated films gross over $100 million since "Dreamgirls" in 2006; three of his last four non-animated features have grossed under $20 million, including the recent misfire "A Thousand Words."

Per THR, no director is attached as yet. Ivan Reitman directed the first film.

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