Student's Twitter Plea For Free Birthday Drinks Quickly Spirals Out Of Control

But not in the way he was hoping.

A student in northern England appealed to strangers over Twitter to send free birthday drinks for his friend on Wednesday afternoon.

They duly obliged, but not in the way the pair was hoping.

Instead of buying booze for Rory McArthur, 19, and Nick Matthewman, who’d just turned 20, internet wags reportedly began sending non-alcoholic beverages to their table at the Wetherspoon chain’s The Bankers Draft bar in Sheffield.

They used the chain’s app to order glasses of milk, bottles of alcohol-free beer, fruit juices, ice cream, crispy onions, a plate of peas and a pot of blue cheese sauce ― which McArthur documented via Twitter:

The strangers weren’t entirely sadistic, however, as they also ordered the pair a pint of beer, a bottle of Prosecco and a Jagerbomb.

McArthur said he “didn’t really expect” to receive any drinks at all in response to his cheeky request. “But then a Becks Blue arrived,” he told Yahoo News, adding that after “the milk started arriving,” it “kind of just went from there.”

“I can’t believe what happened to be honest, apparently that table is still getting free drinks now,” added Matthewman.