Twitter Users Respond To CDC’s New COVID Guidelines With Hilarious Meme

"The CDC just announced you don’t actually have to wash your hands, just get the fingies a little wet."

Twitter has developed a new variant of meme.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday revised its COVID-19 guidelines, recommending that people who test positive for the coronavirus, and who are asymptomatic, isolate for five days rather than 10. The change, coming as it does amid a surge of positive cases and the one-two punch of the virus’ delta and omicron variants, has already come in for criticism from some experts; it’s also left many people on social media with whiplash.

Why is the CDC cutting back on isolation times now? Are folks at the agency as exhausted by this never-ending Groundhog Day of a pandemic as everyone else? Do they just need a break? Or are they also lost in the bizarro time warp that is the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and they’re unable to think clearly?

Honestly, who knows. But Twitter users clearly thought the new guidance was absurd, so they decided to respond with their own “health recommendations.” The resulting meme has spread on the social media platform like... well, a virus.

Keep on reading for some of the sickest “CDC says” tweets.

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