Twitter Erupts With Opinions After Beyoncé Drops ‘Break My Soul’ After Drake’s New Album

The two iconic artists recently took a leap into the world of house music with new, unexpected tunes.

Beyoncé and Drake are switching things up, and the internet is buzzing.

On Monday, Beyoncé caused quite the stir when she dropped a new single, “Break My Soul,” from her highly anticipated seventh studio album, “Renaissance,” shocking fans in the best way.

The legendary artist, who set the industry standard for surprise album releases in the 2010s, stunned audiences with the tune, which is quite different from the songs the award-winning vocalist usually bellows out.

With its heavy house influence, the summer-ready dance track embarks on a new musical direction for the queen of the Bey Hive.

Amid praise for the track, Twitter users couldn’t help but call out connections between Beyoncé’s new song and Drake’s house music debut with his “Honestly, Nevermind” album.

Drake’s album dropped on Friday just days before Beyoncé’s latest track.

Fans jumped on the social platform with hilarious reactions over the pair’s similar musical shifts as debates sizzled over who’s tunes are better.

Some Twitter users praised Beyoncé for capitalizing on of the genre’s popular wave, similarly to what Drake did on his new album.

Other fans accused Drake of being privy to Beyoncé’s house project release and releasing his work first to have the upper hand.

“Drake said y’all gonna catch up knowing Beyoncé dropping an house album…my son really a Scorpio,” another person wrote.

Many fans sided with the “Falling Back” artist, bashing the hypocrisy of people dissing Drake’s breakout into house music while glorifying Beyoncé for similar sounds.

Listen to Beyoncé’s new single below.

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