This Woman Matched Gay Stereotypes To Disney Villains And It's Brilliant

We love this.

A 27-year-old woman from Virginia used her Twitter account last week to elevate an ongoing conversation about LGBTQ representation in Disney cartoons.

Holly, who tweets from the account @_Hate_Holly_, has compiled an ultimate list of Disney villains and the gay stereotypes they embody, calling them “the pioneers of the gay agenda.”

Holly told The Huffington Post that she got the idea for the Twitter thread after witnessing people freak out online about a rumor that Simba will be gay in the upcoming “Lion King” movie.

“It reminded me of a segment in a documentary called ‘Do I Sound Gay’ which talks about how in many cartoons the villains are coded as gay,” Holly told HuffPost. “I hadn’t really thought about anyone taking anything away from it other than pissing off people who throw hissy fits about the ‘gay agenda.’ However, since it’s gotten so much attention it did lead me to think a little further into it. On one hand, it goes to show how ridiculous it is for people to be so opposed to gay characters in cartoons. LGBTQ people are just that, people. They’re multifaceted just like any other people and their sexuality doesn’t always have to be the focus.”

Holly went on to say that she thinks unpacking the gay coding in classic Disney films is important because it goes to show that the inherent queerness of these characters has always been there.

“I really do think that some of these characters were intended to be portrayed as gay, and the people that were angry about it didn’t even notice until they read my ridiculous thread,” Holly continued. “I think it also says a lot that all of the ‘gay coded’ characters are villains. It’s very telling of Disney’s attitude towards the LGBTQ community... I also think it’s important because it goes against the claim that I often hear, that being queer is something new or a ‘trend.’ Queer people have always been around and always been influencers ― they just weren’t given the credit.”

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