Watch The Internet Freak Out Over The Greek Debt Crisis

Twitter has quite a few thoughts about the debt crises plaguing a handful European countries.

A map created by CartoDB, a company that focuses on location-based data visualization, shows the geographical distribution of tweets about economic crises in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Portugal over a 24-hour period from July 6 - 7. The tweets are color-coded by country.

Europeans are pretty vocal about their region's woes, with a large number of tweets coming in from London, Paris, Brussels and Vienna, in addition to the countries mentioned earlier. The Greek crisis is the most common topic, as the country recently rejected a proposed bailout plan and nears its Sunday deadline to come up with a new plan to save itself from collapse.

U.S. users make up the bulk of tweets on the other side of the Atlantic, with major cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami lighting up frequently over the 24-hour span.

Elsewhere, India, Japan and Australia are also tweeting frequently.

Check out the map below, and click the +/- buttons to zoom: