Twitter Thread Imagines 'Gilmore Girls’ Characters' Responses To COVID-19

Writer Mike DiCenzo, who authored the thread, brilliantly tackles how Lorelai, Rory and the rest of Stars Hollow would be handling 2020.

Life in 2020 is enough to make anyone say, “Oy, with the poodles already.” But a comedy writer has offered “Gilmore Girls” fans something that’s as good a cheeseburger with a side of cheeseburger.

Mike DiCenzo, who wrote for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” published a Twitter thread on Monday imagining how characters from “Gilmore Girls” would respond to the COVID-19 pandemic — and it perked up Twitter like a cup (or 10) of Luke’s coffee.

DiCenzo is a superfan of the beloved Amy Sherman-Palladino series, telling HuffPost via Twitter that it’s “probably my favorite show of all time.”

“I’ve watched it a lot over quarantine,” he said. “But I also watched it a lot before quarantine.”

DiCenzo is so into the show that a “Tonight Show” fan created a compilation of every time he talked about his love for “Gilmore Girls” on Fallon’s show.

So, with that knowledge in mind, it only seems natural that a few nights ago, when DiCenzo was having trouble sleeping, he began thinking of the people of Stars Hollow.

“I’ve seen a lot of ‘which TV characters would be anti-maskers’ content,” he told HuffPost. “And the image of Kirk from Gilmore Girls in a Hazmat suit popped into my head. And then scenarios for every character started developing in my mind. It was making me laugh, so I figured I’d put my take on ‘Gilmore Girls in Pandemic’ out into the world.”

To read DiCenzo’s funny predictions, just scroll down. And if you want even more of DiCenzo’s GG content, scroll even further down to get his takes on a few other minor characters he didn’t mention in his thread.

Tristan Dugray (Chad Michael Murray): “My girlfriend says she thinks Tristan has really turned his life around and is now a front-line health care worker. That made me laugh, so let’s go with that,” DiCenzo told HuffPost.

Max Medina (Scott Cohen): “I could see Max gaining a cult following on Instagram (it’d be surprising to him) as a “handsome woke teacher” who posts about places you can donate and ways you can help. His marriage is probably falling apart in quarantine, but he can’t bring himself to reach out to Lorelai. Def Instagram-stalks her though.”

Lucy (Krysten Ritter): “I feel like there’s a ‘Dateline’ episode about Marty and Lucy. That’s as far as I’ll get into it.”

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