Twitter Heatmap Shows Who Tweets 'Good Morning' Or 'F*ck You' As Soon As They Wake Up (PICTURES)

Do You Wake Up Saying 'F*ck You'? Depends On Where You Live..

Your alarm buzzes on Monday morning. Next your reach for your phone and tweet something to the waking Twittersphere. What will you say today -- good morning or f*ck you?

Depending on geographical location, you may be more prone to one of these phrases over the other. A new Twitter Heatmap created by Vertalab illustrates which phrase is most prevalent in 462 locations across the Unites States. The information appears to have been gathered from June 20 to July 1 for the positive tweets, and from July 14 to July 24 for the more negative posts.

"In order to get enough data for creating an animation we scanned Twitter at intervals approximately once per hour," the company's website reads.

On the whole (and maybe not-so-surprisingly), "f*ck you" was a more oft-tweeted phrase than "good morning," with cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto perpetually lighting up the expletive map. Dallas, Huston and New York also occasionally typed up their own pissy posts.

"Good morning" was an extremely prominent phrase in Georgia and moderately used in D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania and the New York tri-state area. The eastern side of the U.S. tended to have more Twitter activity in general, while states like Wyoming, Montana and Idaho barely appeared active.

This isn't the first geotagged map of tweets to make a splash on the web. Floatingsheep has previously collected data on posts containing the words "church" and "beer." Based on those results, San Francisco has the most beer-themed tweets, while Dallas held the record for posts about church.

Another map comparing different parts of the U.S., created by blogger Renee DiResta, laid out which states are perceived to be the "fattest," according to Google users. DiResta created her map by searching each state via Google and examining the autocomplete results that appeared for each. Her findings actually coincided neatly with recent government figures on obesity across different states. (More about DiResta's map here.)

Check out the Vertalab's Twitter Heatmaps (below).

twitter heatmap

twitter heatmap

Do these data surprise you? Which phrase are you more likely to utter first thing in the morning? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us your thoughts (@HuffPostTech). Then, flip through our gallery (below), featuring 15 things Twitter has taught us about humanity.

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