15 Things Twitter Tells Us About Humanity

United We Tweet: 15 Things Twitter Tells Us About Humanity

Did you know that the world is collectively grumpy every morning? Or that Lady Gaga has more "monsters" following her online than the population of Texas?

Microblogging site Twitter not only provides us with what people are thinking throughout the world at any point in time with its "Trending Topics," but it also, when analyzed, clues us in on certain universal human behaviors and desires.

We've rounded up a set of more recent studies and factoids provided by Twitter statistics over the last two years to get a snapshot of society today. The data also dives into where tweets originate, and what our discussions say about worldwide trends.

Check out our gallery of 15 things Twitter tells us about humanity (below), and let us know what what you think. Do any of these findings surprise you? Sound off in the comments section or tweet us @HuffPostTech. Then, check out our roundup of 15 things we wish people would stop tweeting (here), and 19 tweets that you'll never see in 2012 (here).

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15 Things Twitter Tells Us About Humanity

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