Twitter Melts Down After Trump Says Synagogue Needed An Armed Guard

"Rabbis with rifles. That's the answer," notes a sarcastic tweet.

Gun control “had little to do” with the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday that killed 11 people, President Donald Trump insisted. But the death toll would have been much lower had the synagogue hired an armed guard, he claimed.

Twitter imploded.

If the Tree of Life synagogue had an “armed guard inside ... they would have been able to stop them,” Trump told reporters. “Maybe there would have been nobody killed except for him,” he added, referring to suspected gunman Robert Bowers.

The gunman was armed with an assault rifle and handguns, according to police.

Twitter responses slammed Trump for blaming the synagogue for failing to have a guard, and pointed out that four of the six people wounded in the attack were police officers, all armed. They scorched him for his outright refusal to consider how gun laws affect gun violence in America, and for his apparent aim to put even more firearms in people’s hands.

But what drove Twitter users particularly bonkers was the idea of armed guards in places of worship.

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