Rory Will Do The Right Thing And Pick Jess On 'Gilmore Girls,' According To Twitter

Your prayers have been answered.
How could you not?
How could you not?

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming “Gilmore Girls” revival revealed many truths: Stars Hollow is almost certainly a purgatorial no man’s land where nothing ever changes, Emily Gilmore wearing a T-shirt should be considered a new sexual orientation and Jess is — yep — still as fine as we remember him. 

But the matter of which unrealistically perfect former suitor will win over Rory Gilmore’s heart remains unresolved, as all three of her ex-boyfriends (Dean, Logan and the aforementioned Jess) made appearances. 

Except in certain pro-Jess Twitter circles, fans are convinced that he will end up with our fair Gilmore, considering the amount of screen time he was allotted in the trailer and how Dean and Logan are only briefly seen and not heard. 

In one scene from the trailer, Jess appears to console Rory, who is “feeling very lost” in the revival, as the two share a drink together. 

“I could’ve been a contender,” she tells him defeatedly. “You’re still a contender,” he replies with a signature Jess smirk.

Cue fan meltdown and confirmation to some that Rory and Jess are meant to be.

Decide for yourself and watch the trailer (again) below:

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” premieres Nov. 25 on Netflix. 



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