Newspaper From The Future Shows Oprah Still Reigns Supreme

2015 is yesterday's news. Or, to be more accurate, it's 90 years ago's news.

Australian newspaper The Herald Sun is ahead of its time -- 90 years ahead, to be exact.

The paper's masthead Wednesday listed the date as December 2, 2105, causing people to take to social media to wonder how they ended up nearly a century in the future.

But if you read the paper and suddenly expected to see yourself surrounded by teleportation devices and space rays, you're out of luck... mishap was merely a typo.

Of course, the mere impossibility of time travel didn't stop people from taking to Twitter to talk about how 2105 is shaping up.

The Herald Sun did not immediately answer a request for comment from The Huffington Post. 

But if there's one thing that's clear about the future, we're in luck. If Oprah on the cover of this publication is any indication, then 90 years in the future, you get a hover car, and you get a hover car, and YOU get a hover car, and WE ALL GET HOVER CARS! 

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