Twitter is so 2007

One week ago I met Kara Swisher in Rome. She asked me about Twitter in Italy and I told her we were about Twitter in 2007 but now we've moved on (we had read about Twitter here and here). Mainstream web users are all on Facebook (Facebook has been huge here since last summer) while web-savvy people interested in microblogging now prefer FriendFeed with its richer features.
I thought it was the first time something Americans where going mad for was already out of fashion in Italy.
Maybe that is why Kara was not satisfied with my answer. She was attending an adsellers meeting, and the people she had talked to were not exactly web addicted. I would say not one of them knew who Arianna Huffington was before reading her name on the speakers panel (Arianna! Don't fire me! Italian bloggers love you!). She stayed at a wonderful hotel near Via Veneto where they know all the tricks to make you believe Dolce Vita still lives on.
So her conclusions about Italians and technology were a bit simplified and some of her italian readers protested, but it wasn't her fault. We all try to understand countries by talking with the cab driver.
Actually, we're doing many good things with the web and with technology in Italy. Just as americans do, I would say. Except for Twitter. I guess that we share the opinion of Doonesbury's Kim Rosenthal, from last saturday's strip: "It's just a simple oversharing tool. It's like a frisbee: harmless interactive fun. It has its practical uses. But I predict most people will come to realize it's a banal timesuck and move on. Until then, enjoy!".
We will wait for you, for once in our life.

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