Twitter Just Caught Bow Wow Lying About His 'Private Jet'

The rapper posted a stock photo of a jet, saying he was on a "travel day."

Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, will never hear the end of this.

The 30-year-old rapper recently posted a photo on his Instagram that showed a private jet, indicating he was traveling to New York for his “Growing Up Hip Hop” press run:

But then, a Twitter user snapped a photo of Bow Wow on a commercial flight taken the same day as the Instagram post, proving that private jet was not his:

As Twitter is wont to do, tweeters had a damn field day with the lie:

As if the carnage could not get any worse, one tweet indicated that the photo Bow Wow posted was actually a stock photo from a Fort Lauderdale website that provides VIP transportation.

HuffPost can confirm that the photo in question does, indeed, appear on that website.

Dang, Bow Wow.

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