Woman's Icebreaker 'I Wish They'd Teach Us More About Vikings' Goes Viral

Now people on Twitter are texting it to everyone they know.

A hilarious ongoing joke about Vikings has invaded Twitter.

““I wish they’d teach us more about Vikings.””

The joke originally went viral in March, but people are still texting friends, boyfriends and crushes the question and posting the results. It’s become so popular that it’s catching the attention of mainstream outlets.

Caitlin Whitlock, 21, found some odd advice about how to talk to boys in an old “American Girls” book she dug up at her parents’ house. The book suggested using the statement, “I wish they’d teach us more about Vikings” as a conversation starter.

Naturally she found the advice absurd … and unintentionally funny.

“I laughed out loud because I imagined the 11-year-old, painfully shy, uni-browed version of myself saying that to a boy,” Whitlock told The Huffington Post of her discovery. “Would have never happened.”

Whitlock decided to test out the line and texted it to a male friend of hers, who was completely baffled by her text.

She then decided to post the text exchange and pages from the book to Twitter:

Whitlock wasn’t alone in thinking the whole situation was good, silly fun because after she posted the pictures to Twitter on March 21, it soon went viral — receiving over 37,000 retweets and 61,000 likes.

The best part?

Other Twitter users started texting the conversation starter to people they knew and then posting their conversations online, creating an inside joke that just won’t quit.

Naturally some people were confused:

But others were super sweet:

A couple showed some genuine interest in Norse culture:

One guy discovered Vikings are his spirit people:

This dude was just plain rude:

Most exchanges are straight up side-splitters:

Like this guy who is clearly confused … or is he????:

Another person got a little quirky:

This Viking “expert” is just silly:

And this conversation preaches the truth!:

Whitlock said she learned a lot of about Vikings, but one thing about them really stuck:

“Vikings can help people get out of their comfort zone and be silly with their friends,” she told HuffPost. “More people should text their friends things that are out of context.”

We’re viking that idea!

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