Twitter Critics Mercilessly Mock Trump For Canceling Summit With Kim

"Pot meet kettle."

If you thought President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel his planned summit with Kim Jong Un would go unnoticed by the Internet, you were sadly mistaken.

Once Twitter saw the letter Trump sent the North Korean dictator, people  immediately began mercilessly mocking what they saw as a blatant effort to save face in the face of failure.

Some people had questions:


Some pointed out the similarities between the two leaders:

Others pointed out that Trump’s angry letter pulling out of the meeting was written after the Korean leader threatened to cancel.

Some people offered their own theories for why Trump ditched the meeting. 

More than a few people noticed that the tone of Trump’s letter seemed less like a political statement than like a note between two people in an unstable romance:

A few observed that this means Trump’s chances of a Nobel Peace Prize were probably kaput:

Others smelled opportunity:

And some just had to gloat:

Finally, one man had words of advice ― not for Trump, but for journalists covering him.



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