Twitter: We Now Have Over 200 Million Accounts (UPDATE)

Twitter: We Now Have Over 200 Million Accounts

See update below

Twitter has released a slew of statistics in recent months, from how many tweets are sent per day to the number of accounts created per day.

Here's another one that's been more elusive: the number of users Twitter actually has.

According to Twitter's Katie Stanton, vice president of international strategy, the microblogging service now has over 200 million accounts. It should be noted that those hundreds of millions accounts may not all be active ones and the number of active users may be quite lower--though Twitter hasn't shared that stat.

Speaking at the Guardian's 2011 Activate conference in New York, Stanton shared this statistic and also noted that 70 percent of Twitter's traffic is now coming from outside of the United States.

Stanton also quoted Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who she said regularly reminders Twitter employees that Twitter is "not a triumph of technology" but a "triumph of humanity.

Read more about Twitter's stats here and check out live updates from Activate here.

UPDATE: Twitter contacted HuffPostTech to correct a report that was previously cited in the article as concluding that .05% of the site's users are responsible for half of all tweets.

Twitter directed HuffPostTech to two tweets from Twitter's Sean Garrett, which noted, "BTW, it's technically impossible for 20K users to create 50% of all Tweets given limit of 1K Tweets/day per user [...]" and added, "even if 20K 'elite users' tweeted every 90 secs for 24 hrs, w/no sleep, it would be just 14% of 140M daily Tweets."

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