Twitter Forms PAC, Registers Its First Lobbyist

Twitter is making strides into the world of politics, forming its own political action committee and registering its first federal lobbyist.

Twitter#PAC, as the PAC will be called, aims to exert influence on issues of government surveillance, patent reform and internet freedom, the Washington Post reported.

In tandem with the new PAC, Twitter's policy manager William Carty, who joined the company in 2012, has officially registered to lobby the government on consumer issues, foreign relations, technology and copyright.

The microblogging service will be joining the ranks of Google, Facebook and Microsoft, which have each carved a presence in Washington with their own PACs.

Microsoft's PAC made $1,041,500 in political contributions during the 2012 campaign cycle, according to the Center For Responsive Politics. Google contributed $885,000, and Facebook contributed $270,000.



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