Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby Stormi And People Have Thoughts

"When I have a kid I'm going to name it Humiditi."
What are your thoughts on the name? 
What are your thoughts on the name? 

Break out your umbrellas and put on your rain boots because Stormi (Scott? Jenner?) is here, people. 

Kylie Jenner announced her baby girl’s name Tuesday and posted a sweet photo of her daughter in a pink outfit on Instagram. Stormi is her first child with rapper Travis Scott. 

The name was an unexpected choice, since there were rumors the 20-year-old would name her daughter Butterfly, or Mariposa (Spanish for “butterfly”) after Scott’s song, “Butterfly Effect.” 

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But naturally, people on Twitter had a lot of thoughts about the newest addition to the Kardashian-Jenner fam.

Some Twitter users liked it, especially those named Stormy or Stormi themselves. A lot of people weren’t fans of the name, though it’s probably more accurate to say they just don’t like the Kardashians. 

A lot of fans were upset that they wasted all their time on complicated butterfly theories to no avail.  

Others decided the Kardashian-Jenner family was trying to get into weather forecasts.

Others made references to adult entertainer Stormy Daniels, whose name has been in the news a lot lately. (Let’s try and remember we’re talking about a baby here, people.) 

But most importantly, Stormi’s relatives seem to be big fans.