Twitter Users Aghast By George Bush's 'Freudian Slip' About Iraq

The former president blamed his age when he mistakenly referenced Iraq instead of Ukraine while addressing Russia's invasion.

Former president George W. Bush’s presidential-level gaffe has Twitter buzzing.

During a speech, Bush made a blunder when he mistakenly referenced Iraq instead of Ukraine while addressing Russia’s invasion of the latter country Wednesday.

“The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq,” Bush said. He then reeled back his words and blamed his age for the mistake.

The goof-up will likely join a list of a number of Bush bloopers from over the years.

Twitter users swiftly tied back the mistake to when the U.S. invaded Iraq on the former president’s watch in 2003.

Bush’s administration, at the time, claimed there were weapons of mass destructions in the country although United Nations inspectors later discovered no evidence weapons of the kind existed before the invasion.

Many users were quick to point out the irony between the Iraq invasion and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Oof. If you were George W. Bush, you think you’d just steer clear of giving any speech about one man launching a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion,” wrote former Michigan congressman Justin Amash.

“This should be admissible as evidence at The Hague,” said writer Daniel Denvir.

Read through a number of users’ reactions to Bush’s “Iraq” slip-up below.

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