Twitter Reacts To Obama Nobel Peace Prize Win

Shortly after the announcement that President Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Twitter erupted with congratulations, comments, and concerns.

Of the ten most popular Trending Topics on Twitter, three concerned Obama's win: Noble Peace Prize [sic], President Obama, and Barack Obama Wins. (See screengrab below)

Follow reactions in real-time on the live Twitter feed below.

See a few selections of the Tweets, which have ranged from humorous and excited, to critical and questioning:

Hope for peace and a brighter global future--Barack Obama Wins Noble Peace Prize

They should institute a Nobel Prize for driving conservatives crazy.

Yo Barack, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish, but Morgan Tsvangira was one the most peaceful dudes ever.

Barack #Obama wins the #Nobel Peace Prize for making promises. If he has any honor, he'll refuse it. #giveitback

#Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize in 2009...I can see the rationale, but it is VERY early to cast judgment on the man's body of work

Has anyone asked Kanye West what he thinks of Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

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