Twitter Reacts To Trump's 'Cowardly,' 'Bigoted' Trans Ban

POTUS' tweetstorm about the military left Twitter up in arms.

Twitter was flooded with support for the LGBTQ community on Wednesday morning, following President Donald Trump’s announcement ― also via Twitter ― that transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the U.S. military.

Trump tweeted that he’d made the decision after “consultation with my Generals and military experts,” citing “medical costs and disruption” as his reasoning for the decision.

There are currently thousands of transgender individuals bravely serving in the armed forces and there has been no indication thus far as to what will happen to those individuals under Trump’s new ban.

People added their responses on Twitter, offering words of encouragement to the transgender community. Members of the LGBTQ community, allies, congressmen, and more have also commented on Trump’s complete lack of bravery, in contrast with the individuals he’s banning who have shown nothing but bravery, courage, and patriotism. (Trump deferred being drafted five times.)

Here were some of the most impassioned responses:

Keep on showing your support, all. Our trans friends need it now more than ever.



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