Twitter Reminds Alec Baldwin At Least He Has A Job For Next 4 Years

"Guaranteed work."
Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."
Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."

Donald Trump hasn’t yet entered the White House, but he may have already boosted the job market. At least for Alec Baldwin.

The actor tore it up as Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” much to the consternation of brother Stephen Baldwin and Trump himself.

But the gig may not be done now that Trump secured his upset victory.

Twitter users jokingly reassured Baldwin that he’ll have the role for four more years or ― gulp ― longer.

Baldwin said recently that he nearly sprained his jaw imitating Trump’s way of saying “Putin.” Can he stand four more years of the pain? We’ll see.

But as the election result became clear, he didn’t seem too thrilled about what lay ahead.