Twitter Points Out How Dumb It Is To Be Mad About A Female Doctor Who

And, of course, it’s hilarious.

It seems a woman’s place is in the TARDIS.

On Sunday, the official “Doctor Who” Twitter account shattered a sci-fi glass ceiling when it revealed that its 13th Doctor will be female

Actress Jodie Whittaker will be the first woman to portray the time-traveling alien adventurer who regenerates into a different physical form when it is old, wounded or otherwise dying. This “being” could theoretically be anything — a human, manatee or even a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people-eater.

But since the long-running British series debuted in 1963 and then was re-booted in 2005, the Doctor has traditionally been a man.

So when Whittaker was announced as the new time lord ― who will reportedly make her debut on the show around Christmastime ― many on Twitter were genuinely elated.

But, of course, there were plenty of naysayers who were upset that the Doctor was now a woman.

Some very humorously clapped back at this casual misogyny:

But the best responses were those that pointed out the absurdity of being upset that the role will be played by a woman, especially since the science-fiction show is about an alien that time travels in a freakin’ telephone booth. 

Here are the funniest of the bunch: